Welcome to Class 1

Reception and Year 1

Teachers: Mrs Dorrington

TA: Miss Chesworth


Exploring Spring

This week in Class 1 have been looking for signs that Spring is on it’s way. After a long Winter the children made predictions of what they might see, then we took our ipads on a Spring hunt so that they could capture their own images for themselves. We had some wonderful photographs. We then did some detailed observational drawings of things we found, including primroses, snowdrops, daffodils crocuses and frogspawn!


The children in Class 1 have been looking at their facial features and learning how to draw their own self portrait with Mrs Mammatt.

Over the sessions we have been looking at proportion and where our features sit on our face. We have also been involved in colour mixing, creating secondary colours as well as our own skin tone.

To create their beautiful colour portraits, the children used a mixed-media of paint, pencil, oil-pastel and Tempo ink for the background.

The children loved sharing and celebrating their portraits with each other. It’s been wonderful to see how they each reflect their different personalities and character!

Bird Watch

We have been taking part in the Big School’s Birdwatch 2024 this week in Class One. We made bird feeders to entice the birds and linked our science learning about habitats with our maths work to learn how to collect and collate data effectively and why we do it. The children made their own tally charts and pictograms. We had some interesting discussions about why some species were more common in some locations and not others.┬áIn continuous provision Foundation have been painting some beautiful watercolour pictures of birds, eggs and feathers and thinking about how they would make a nest.

Nativity 2023

Class 1 performed ‘The Very Twinkly Nativity’.