Gulworthy Parents Teacher & Friends Association

Welcome to our PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends Association).

The aim of the PTFA is to work with our academy to promote a sense of partnership between parents, teachers and the wider community and to provide extra resources to enhance the education of the children. Here at Gulworthy we are proud to have an active Parents, Teacher & Friends Association (PTFA) which helps to enrich your child’s school experience.

Every single parent, carer, aunt and uncle, granny and grandad is a member of our fabulous PTFA already and you are all very welcome to come along to every event we put on and/or help out.

How can you help make a difference:

  • Support as many events as you can
  • Help is always needed at most events. It’s also a great way to make friends!
  • Use The Giving Machine when you do your shopping online