Welcome to Class 3

Year 5 and 6

Teachers: Mr Medland

TAs: Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Dalton and Mrs Durkin and Miss D’Silva

British Sign Language Lesson

Class 3 celebrated British Sign Language week by taking part in a lesson to learn some basic sign language. We learnt some greetings as well as how to spell our names using the finger alphabet. You can find out more about sign language week by following the link below.


World Book Day

In Class 3, we worked in groups to try and persuade the class to vote for our group’s book to be added to the school bookshelf. We examined the books carefully, looking for positive features and then delivered a short presentation to the class to try and tempt them to vote for our text. In a very close vote, the winning book was Maddy Yip’s Guide To Life by Sue Cheung which will now be purchased!

Archimedes Visit

In Class 3 this week, we had a visit from Archimedes. He showed us some of his most famous inventions such as the Archimedes screw. During the day, we also played games to help us learn about Ancient Greek Mythology, took part in a trail to find out about famous Ancient Greek inventions and learnt about the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Thank you very much to Adrian Chapman from Blast From The Past for a very enjoyable day!

Safer Internet Day 2024

On Safer Internet Day in Class 3, we spent lots of time looking at different persuasive techniques that are used online and the positive and negative impacts they can have on us when we use the internet. We also considered how someone could use their influence online for good by thinking about what would make a positive influencer.

Dance lessons

In our second dance lesson this term, we chose adjectives that helped to describe our chosen Ancient Greek God or Goddess. We then used these to help us create motifs and to create an acted battle scene to a piece of music from Gladiator.

Climate Change Workshop

The team from the National Marine Aquarium joined us for a science day involving many hands on experiments and virtual reality headsets to learn about energy, ph testing, the effects of carbon dioxide and seagrass. We all wore goggles, gloves and science lab coats to take part in the experiments. It was great fun and we learnt a lot about science!


Class 3 trip to RAF Harrowbear

Class 3 visited the site of RAF Harrowbeer in Yelverton at the end of last week as a part of our history work on the Battle of Britain. We were: taught lots of interesting facts about the aerodrome by the archivist Michael Hayes; looked at exhibits including air raid shelters and vehicles; learnt about rationing and we went on a guided walk looking for evidence that still exists today of its past as an airfield. Thank you to Mr Hayes and all his volunteers for helping us learn so much!

Parliament Visit

Tomas Williams the Education and Engagement officer from the House of Parliament came to deliver an assembly for Class 2 and Class 3 to help us learn all about the Houses of Parliament. We learnt lots and asked some brilliant questions about the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Football Tournament

This year we entered two teams into the annual Small School Football tournament. There were lots of spirited performances from the children and it was wonderful to see so many wanting to give competitive football a go. Well done to all of the children who took part! Thank you very much to OCRA for organising the event.